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Friday, April 29, 2016

Food court coming to Annandale

This vacant space will be transformed into The Block.
Arturo Mei, the owner of the Snowcream mobile ice cream shop, plans to open a food court with about five vendors in a vacant store at Kmart Plaza in Annandale this summer.

A dessert from Snowcream.
The Snowcream truck, actually a converted school bus with space for dining inside, was a big hit at the Taste of Annandale last June. Snocream makes ice cream in exotic flavors, such as taro and green tea with toppings like grass jelly and lychee, as well as standard fare like coffee ice cream with sprinkles and caramel topping.  

The new shop, called “The Block,” will be at 4221 John Marr Drive in the spot formerly occupied by Myundong Café & Billiards.

In addition to Snowcream, other vendors in The Block will offer Hawaiian pokē, a fish salad; Asian fusion fast food; “ice cream donuts”; and other types of food. Not all the vendors have signed up yet.

“We’re bringing in a lot of new ideas,” Mei says. “It’s going to be something very different, not like the typical restaurant in this area.”


  1. Very exciting!!!!
    Looking forward to this new endeavor.

  2. Uh oh. I see weight gain ahead LOL!

  3. So excited omg

  4. ANNANDALE BLOWING UP!! Love this concept, snocream expanding with their big ideas! Bet food will be cheap and real good.

  5. Truly great addition to international Annandale international cuisine!