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Saturday, April 16, 2016

New retail building going up in Annandale

The construction site viewed from John Marr Drive, with the John Marr Professional Building on the left.

The construction project under way on Little River Turnpike next to the Palace restaurant in Annandale will be a 7,425-square foot retail building with space for two or three tenants, says the owner, Steve Lee.

He hopes the building shell will be completed within six months. The tenants will create their own interior space. The building is a by-right project, which means the property doesn’t need to be rezoned, so a public hearing wasn’t required.

Lee did have a tenant in mind when he proposed the project three years ago, but the Annandale Central Business District Planning Committee had been reluctant to approve the building, which slowed up the permit process. The committee prefers larger mixed-use projects in central Annandale.


  1. I sure hope whatever the stores are, they are welcoming to everyone in Annandale.

  2. 3 more Korean restaurants!

  3. I wish they would change the name of John Marr Drive, do we need to honor a soldier that fought for the south?

  4. Whatever it is I bet it will be better than the random couch or chair that shows up there and the homeless hanging out on the couch. It has been used by people for years to get rid of unwanted things for so this can only be a good change. I do hope like others it is friendly to all.