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Saturday, May 28, 2016

McWhorter trail project will improve connectivity

The dead end at the McWhorter Place cul de sac.
A trail project to connect McWhorter Place at the cul de sac in Annandale where the two parts of the road are dead ends will provide a smooth path for bicyclists and fix the drainage problems plaguing homeowners.

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Officials from the Fairfax County Department of Transportation told residents at a community meeting May 25 the project includes:
  • A curb and gutter along the cul de sac and a sidewalk 70 feet long and five feet wide connecting to the existing sidewalk toward Medford Drive.
  • A six-food wide asphalt walkway about 80 long between the two parts of McWhorter and extending toward Markham Street.
  • Landscaping would be added, including six trees, grass, and shrubs. 
The county had in the past proposed a road connection linking the two parts of McWhorter Place but the community opposed it.

The trail project budget is about $200,000, for purchasing land easements from VDOT, utilities relocation, design, permitting, drainage improvements, and construction.

Construction should start at the end of 2017, and the project should be finished by late winter or early spring in 2018. The funds are from commercial and industrial tax revenue.

A couple of bicyclists at the meeting said the project is needed because McWhorter Place is a good route to avoid Little River Turnpike but the unpaved area fills up with debris from flooding and becomes impassable.

FCDOT is accepting public comments through June 12. Use the online form or call 703-877-5600.

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  1. Good idea and relatively cheap (compared to busting a road through there) -- people are clearly cutting through there anyway, not just cyclists, let's make it safer.