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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Say hello to your neighbor

This weekend has been designated “Neighbor 2 Neighbor Knock” (N2N) to encourage residents to meet people on your street that you may have waved to in passing but never actually talked to.

While the spring N2N event is scheduled for May 14-15, 1-4 p.m., one can be neighborly whenever it’s convenient.

The N2N campaign, sponsored by the Fairfax County 50+ Neighbor to Neighbor Committee, gives people an excuse to knock on random
doors and introduce yourself. You can tell your neighbors about community resources, ask if they need help with anything – and just get to know them. It’s especially important to open the lines of communication with aging residents who might be feeling isolated.

Many local residents around here use the Nextdoor community network, which is like an intranet for a neighborhood, but older residents might not be online. A personal connection can also make for a more positive interaction when there’s a potential conflict, like a barking dog or an encroaching tree branch in your yard.

The N2N campaign was the brainchild of Cherie Lejeune, co-chair of the human services committee of the Fairfax County Federation of  Citizens Associations, and was incorporated into the county’s 50+ Action Plan for improving services and promoting community engagement among older residents.

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  1. How successful was this effort and what did it accomplish?