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Friday, June 17, 2016

Beauregard/King Street intersection to be improved

The proposed improvements. [Click to enlarge]

Work is getting underway on intersection improvements at King Street and N. Beauregard Street in the west end of Alexandria.

The improvements include an additional left turn lane in each direction and medians on King Street and a 10-foot shared use path on portions of King Street. Funding comes the state and the City of Alexandria.

The city is hosting a groundbreaking ceremony Saturday, June 18, 8 a.m., in the parking lot of the shopping center at the intersection. Alexandria Mayor Allison Silberberg and city council members are expected to be there.
The first phase – to be completed this fall – includes grading, curbs, gutters, and retaining walls. The second phase consists of the relocation of utilities. That should take 10 to 12 months and should be completed by summer 2017.

The roadway construction is expected to begin in summer 2017 and be finished in late 2018. This phase includes the new turn lanes on King Street, medians, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, pavements, drainage, stormwater management, and traffic signal and crosswalk upgrades.

Major mixed-use redevelopment is planned for that intersection, and the West End Transitway, a bus rapid transit system proposed by the City of Alexandria, would run along the Beauregard corridor in that area. The BRT system would connect the Van Dorn and Pentagon Metro stations


  1. Wow, transportation improvements in advance of major developments. Novel concept!

  2. This is long overdue, as is that mixed use project.

  3. This is a very bad intersection. I got stuck in the middle of the King on my bike during a light change. The don't walk signs don't always work, the corners are missing curb cuts, one is all full of mud and no pavement, its a terrible hazard and puts cyclists and pedestrians in perilous jeopardy. Can you believe when I got stuck int the middle of the road, a driver yelled out his window and said "sorry buddy we have the light? " Another dozen cars whipped by me until one stopped and then the others followed. This says allot about our community in the Crapitol. It is full of AHs.