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Monday, June 6, 2016

Luxury homes planned for Seven Corners

An artistic rendering showing the potential style of the houses planned by Banyan Development.
Five new single-family homes will be built on a large lot at the corner of Arlington Boulevard and Beechwood Lane in Seven Corners.

“We can accommodate a wide range of customization,” says the developer, Mark Schacknies, the founder of Banyan Development Co. He expects prices to start at about $1.2 million.

The home of William Cox at 6455 Arlington Blvd.
The new houses will be about 3,000 square feet, says the builder, Chris Heisey, a partner at Snead Construction Group, and could have such options as a large communal kitchen, coffered ceilings, a flagstone porch in front, and a dog shower in the mudroom. They would have four to six bedrooms.

It’s a by-right project, which means the lot doesn’t need to be rezoned, so there’s no need for a public hearing. The 1.7-acre property is zoned R-3.

A small house on the property built about 65 years ago will be torn down. The homeowner, William Cox, age 94, has lived there for decades and will move in with his daughter this fall, Schacknies says. Rather than purchasing the property outright, Banyan formed a joint venture with Cox. In exchange for contributing the land, Cox will share the profits from the home sales.

Heisey hopes to start construction on a model home in about three months. Additional homes will be built to meet buyer’s demands. All five houses could be completed by the end of 2017.


  1. 7 Corners 76/7/16, 8:07 AM

    Nice. Even though right on Arlington BLVD this should be nice with proper landscaping. There is an access road and rather large median/drainage area between Rt. 50 and the access RD.

  2. Let's play Name that Neighborhood:

    I'll go first: "Emissions Estates"

  3. At 94, hope Mr. Cox lives long enough to get profits, or that his heirs will inherit the deal.

  4. Just discovered this informative newsletter and glad to see news about the Cox property development. This is a unique, 1.7 acre property with a substantial 1920s single family residential complex, and near record 100' healthy black and red oaks, all with a commanding high view overlooking rt.50. At least the (5) luxury homes will be built apparently as single family residences rather than multifamily communal housing. The enlarged housing footprint may affect the already stressed local storm water drainage. The increased water runoff will drain into a small local but permanent community stream which in turn flows under Holmes Run Rd., and into Trips run. Ultimately the 7 Corners-Lake Barcroft-Cameron Run watershed may be adversely affected. Hope the County has reviewed this and will possibly rescue some gorgeous trees.