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Monday, June 13, 2016

Work under way on expanded Bill Page Toyota dealership

A new dealership building will be coming here.
Construction has started on a new Bill Page Toyota dealership at 2923 Annandale Road in Falls Church. The old used car department and accounting office have been demolished, and a new building with a showroom, sales offices, and service and parts departments will go up on that space, says sales manager David Boyle.

This building will be torn down.
After the new building is completed, the existing showroom and sales department will be torn down to make way for a parking garage. The project should be completed by spring or summer 2018.

Bill Page Honda,on the other side of Route 50, was expanded a couple of years ago. The owners of the two dealerships are brothers: Raymond Page owns Bill Page Toyota and Bill Page owns Bill Page Honda. Their father, William H. Page, was the founder of Bill Page Automotive.


  1. The dealership should avoid having long lines of cars blocking traffic lane on Annandale Road Saturday mornings, waiting to get into their lot. It's dangerous, because people encounter the line unexpectedly and have to swerve or brake sharply. I've griped to police but problem remains. A couple photos on this blog would be useful for escalating the issue.

  2. Maybe I don't understand. What action would the dealership be able to take to stop long lines of cars from forming on Annandale Road? Please explain what you mean. Thanks!

  3. That intersection is finally losing its 1950s run down look.

  4. John B, Sleepy Hollow6/17/16, 1:56 AM

    One, how about the dealership put a staff person on the lot to manage the flow of cars and the dealership clear enough space On its property so the cars aren't backed up and Annandale Road? Two,as the situation clearly presents a traffic hazard ,a why not have a police officer on the scene directing cars to proceed past the dealership if they are not able to access the property.