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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

TD Bank coming to Pinecrest Plaza

Gas station will be replaced by bank. [David Siegel]

The Exxon station at Pinecrest Plaza in Annandale is being demolished to make way for a new TD Bank. The project was approved by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in 2014.

“We’re targeting a late 2017 opening,” says Lisa Sawicki, TD vice president and corporate communications manager. The bank, at the corner of Little River Turnpike and Braddock Road, will have drive-through access, seven-day banking with extended hours, instant debit cards, local lenders making local loans, and treats for kids and dogs.


  1. Just what we needed! Another bank!

  2. so sad. that exxon had wonderful owners and they had great taste in cars! lots of lowriders there the past few years. not sure we need another bank, less than 2 miles from an existing TD Bank on 236

  3. The whining by the commenters is sad, but expected.

    More and more gas stations need to be shut down. Eventually, we will all be driving expensive government-subsidized plug-in electric cars, or for those who can't afford it, relying on government-subsidized public mass transit.

    This is necessary to prevent the ravages of global warming and to ensure a cleaner environment.

    1. Sure, gas stations are ugly and are becoming more outmoded by the day. I will throw a celebration when the corner gas station near me closes. But why can't we simultaneously whine about the high concentration of retail bank locations in Mason District?

      Gas stations that are closing in Arlington and elsewher in Fairfax County are not being replaced by retail bank locations. I'll just say that much.

    2. It would probably be too much to ask to let the gas stations stay open until electric or solar powered cars actually exist in great numbers. On the other hand, why do we need a bank with a building? Most banking functions can be done online now.

    3. Banks need to branches to conduct lending operations and provide cash management services to local businesses. In addition, there's no practical way for individuals to obtain cash online. Having a comprehensive network of branches is still the most efficient way to build a customer base.

  4. Banks aren't that thrilled about expensive brzanch offices, but there are enough people who insist on brick and mortar sites to make it worthwhile. Small business owners in particular need to deposit cash and pick up change for the cash register.

    Having said that, I haven't set foot in my credit union in years. Even the home equity loan was done on-line and via fax.

  5. I'm glad they're opening this up, it's a bank I can walk to from my house