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Monday, September 19, 2016

Bailey's Crossroads Rotarians convert toy cars for children with disabilities

Young children with disabilities are now able to move themselves around their environment, thanks to the Bailey’s Crossroads Rotary Club’s support of the Go Baby Go program.

Go Baby Go transforms the lives of children with mobility challenges by adapting Barbie cars and other battery-powered ride-on toy cars and four-wheelers for them. Several Bailey’s Crossroads Rotarians joined representatives from other organizations at a Go Baby Go event at Marymount University in Arlington Sept. 17 organized by Rotarian Amy O’Malley.

A total of 12 cars were assembled. The Bailey’s Crossroads Rotary Club sponsored two of them and donated $2,500 to the project.  The motorized cars cost about $500, compared to several thousand dollars for a motorized wheelchair – and are way cooler.


  1. What a wonderful cause. Great to read some good news.

  2. Forget all the outrageously expensive, planned-obsolescence gadgetry that will be out of style in three months--THIS is worth some fanfare. Shine the spotlights on this sort of thing instead.

    This is an awesome combination of technology, charity, compassion and creativity. Love it!