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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Little Italy will close in November

Little Italy owner Bob Kochar
Little Italy, a neighborhood bar and restaurant that’s been in the Bradlick Shopping Center in Annandale since 1987, will close Nov. 23.

The owner, Bob Kochar, plans to retire before his lease expires at the end of November. “It’s time to enjoy life,” he says.

Little Italy is a lot less busy than it used to be. The demographics in the area changed, and many long-time customers moved away or passed away, he says. The rent, meanwhile, is $12,000 a month.

Kochar, a resident of Montgomery County, has roots in India, not Italy, but his former partner from when he opened the restaurant was Italian. A farewell party is planned but details haven’t been worked out yet.


  1. I'll miss this place. Nice little dive, and the food was decent. Always folks willing to chat at the bar.

  2. I always loved coming here. Sad to see you go. Good luck in retirement Bob

  3. We used to live nearby, and it was our favorite hang out spot!! Hope to get back before the closing <3

  4. We used to karaoke there - and have a blast years ago.

  5. Its been a long time since I have been there. Always love going for the food, darts and especially the people. Visiting the area will not be the same. Good luck Bob and enjoy your retirement.

  6. With the property management company charging rents that high, we are doomed to potentially only have chain restaurants in our future. Sad. Little Italy is a great neighborhood restaurant with great food and will be missed.

    1. Even the chain restaurants are now balking at the rents these REITs are charging.

  7. I have had nothing but bad service here. Once I was told that the kitchen was closed because the game is on. Sounds like BS considering bars must sell food when serving alcohol and it was only 9PM. Another time, the door was open so I walked in and sat down and was told to leave because they were not open (it was almost noon).