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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Recycling centers will be shut down

The recycling center, at the ABC store in Annandale, will be closed.
Fairfax County is permanently closing two recycling drop-off centers – the one at 7200 Little River Turnpike in Annandale next to the Virginia ABC store and one in Reston – on Nov. 1.

“In recent years, recycling drop-off centers have become targets for illegal dumping of old furniture, appliances, and other discarded items,” states a notice from the Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services. “Illegal dumping creates a health hazard, is unsightly, pollutes our waterways, and requires extra collection services.”

Two other drop-off centers were closed earlier this year for the same reason. In addition, the county says recycling centers, which predate curbside recycling, are no longer needed.

Residents who use a refuse collection company that doesn’t provide recycling services or charges an additional fee are advised to call the Fairfax County Solid Waste Management Program, 703-324-5230, and ask for a member of the enforcement staff.

Residents and businesses that need to recycle materials beyond what is collected at the curb can take their recyclables to the Fairfax County transfer station at 4816 West Ox Road, Fairfax. That center doesn’t charge for disposing of recyclables, but there is a nominal charge for household waste: $8 for one to five bags of trash and $12 for six to 10 bags. Seniors (60+) can drop off two bags for $4.


  1. Well, heck, that's annoying. Currently I share trash service with a neighbor, but his household usually has quite a bit in the recycling bin. I've been happy to take my recycling to Annandale. Also, the trash services usually require that large boxes be cut into little pieces, while I can usually slide the flattened box into the big recycling bins.

    Having said that, there has been quite a bit of trash either stuffed in the bins or set to the side. As the saying goes, this is why we can't have nice things.

  2. Makes sense, raise taxes and provide less service. At least the Wakefield Park one is still open.

  3. Do we know the capacity and frequency those locations fill up? My first thought was "oh no!", but I suppose if they aren't really being utilized the fuel cost to empty those could be better spent elsewhere

  4. Sorry, but this seems a little to convenient. County can cut some expenses closing these, and just blame area residents instead of being open and honest. I have used the drop off many times. I am sure there are probably some misuse of the center, but I have not seen it when I have been there.

  5. I'm going to miss this! We have curbside recycling, or course, but we also have so much cardboard and paper to recycle each week that it's just easier to gather it and take it to the ABC parking lot once a month or so. We save the room in the recycling bin for the other materials--glass, plastic, etc.

    Besides, we don't have to worry about any neighborhood busybodies who might want to take a peek at what we're reading, what frozen dinner we had last week, and so on. We have nothing to hide, but you know, there's always someone ready to draw a weird conclusion about even the most ordinary thing! (Yeah, I know a couple of those, and I've wasted so much time trying to quell their bizarrely-gained astonishment and protect their latest unsuspecting, innocent victim!)


    1. We have curbside recycling, but with boxes from online orders piling up, we often take boxes to the recycling center so that they are not blowing around curbside on collection day. Yet another disappointment from Fairfax County.

  6. Not sure about the Annandale location, but the remarks about Reston are completely disingenuous. The recycling center shares space with several donation boxes. Old mattresses have to go somewhere ... the message I'm getting is that the county would prefer they be placed behind shopping centers???