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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Seven Corners businesses honored for attractive landscaping

The front yard at the Bank of America building. 
The Bank of America Financial Center and Dogfish Head Alehouse in Seven Corners are the recipients of the first-ever beautification awards from the Bailey’s Crossroads/Seven Corners Revitalization Corporation.

The award to Bank of America was presented to Catherine Morrison and Chris Carter at the Oct. 18 BC7RC meeting.

Dogfish Head Alehouse on Leesburg Pike. 
The bank, at 6307 Arlington Blvd., was honored for having attractive, well-maintained landscapingwith shrubs, grass, and pebble-covered pathsin a prominent spot at the intersection of Route 50, Route 7, and Sleepy Hollow Road. “It is a very pleasing area of greenery in what otherwise is a paved area,” BC7RC states.

Dogfish Head Alehouse, at 6220 Leesburg Pike, was recognized for its attractive and consistently well-maintained landscaping. “The plantings are colorful and appealing and the garden beds are always neat,” BC7RC says. The landscaping “is a welcome injection of color and foliage in an area with significant pavement and buildings.”

Th Dogfish manager was unable to accept the award in person, as the restaurant was hosting a major fundraiser for Westlawn Elementary School that evening.

BC7RC hopes the awards will spur other businesses in Seven Corners and Baileys Crossroads to improve the appearance of their property. 


  1. I never noticed the Doghead Fish Ale landscaping. I guess it is alright.

  2. Congratulations to both businesses!
    They do maintain very pleasant surroundings.

  3. Congratulations and thank you to both businesses! Their properties are always attractive.

  4. That is what I'm talking about. We can clean this place up and make Mason District a really nice place. Tell your County Supervisor that you want real compliance and a real plan to make this district the nicest in the county, not the worst. We don't need to replace, that is just corruption money talking, we need to reuse, maintain what we have in good order and control our excesses. And of course, rebuild our destroyed neighborhood associations. Join the effort, make it happen.

  5. guess there is a low bar. this looks fine but to win an award?