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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A few changes under way in central Annandale

A few changes are under way in central Annandale, but nothing seems to be happening with some long-vacant buildings. 

A Cash for Gold shop opened at 7262 Columbia Pike, next to the T-Mobile store by the Little River Turnpike intersection. The building used to house a martial arts studio and, before that, an auto parts store.  

Cash for Gold buys gold and silver jewelry, gems, precious metals, coins, watches, and electronics. It’s not a pawn shop, says the owner Sinan Karakaya, who also owns a Cash for Gold store in Manassas.

The old white building at 7236 Columbia Pike is now an Ethiopian church. A vape shop in that spot lasted less than a year. Before that the building had been the longtime home of the Annandale Boys and Girls Club

Nothing seems to be happening with the large empty space at 7250 Columbia Pike, which used to be the Sunset Grille. Construction started in 2013. A plan for a restaurant fell through and that part of the building has been vacant ever since. The New York Pizza Factory, on the left side of the building, is expanding to the middle space. 

Meanwhile, 7224 Columbia Pike has been vacant since Annandale Florist closed at the end of 2012.

Will anything ever open in this space? 
Around the corner, at 7300 Maple Place, the construction site is for the expansion of Hanjin Express, a package delivery service, that had been based in an old house. Part of the office building next door is being renovated for a health clinic. 

The new site of Hanjin Express. 
The health clinic will open in the left side of this building on Maple Place.
Here's what this block of Maple Place used to look like. [Google Maps]


  1. Nothing can help this place. It is like the forgotten arm pit of Fairfax.

  2. Seems like the whole block should be sold to a developer to create high rise housing for younger generations. We have covered inside the beltway location & if we can attract millennials maybe they'll inject some life, ideas & dollars into Annandale and bring more attractive commercial tenants too.

    1. What happened to the plans to build a high rise where the Bowling Alley is?

  3. Who can afford the rent? $500 a month for the old news stand? The only way tomoay that kind of money is dealing drugs or a "massage" parlor

  4. 7262 is owned by A-CITYWIDE PROPERTIES LLC, 7250 is owned by HASSAN IQUBAL, 7236 is owned by CEC LLC, and 7224 is owned by EAST RISING LLC. This is why there is no development. Too many landowners. Also, the NY Pizza Factory has allegedly been expanding for over a year. How long can it possibly take?