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Friday, November 25, 2016

Three arrested in connection with homicide in Bailey's Crossroads

Agustin [FCPD]
Fairfax County Police have arrested three people in connection with a homicide in an apartment on the 5500 block of Seminary Road in Bailey’s Crossroads.

[Update: The victim was identified as Leif Erick Ohlsson, 69, of Seminary Road, the FCPD announced Nov. 28.]

When officers arrived at the home shortly before 10 p.m. on Nov.  24, they found a deceased adult male who had sustained trauma to the upper body and was deceased.

Three people are in custody, the FCPD announced Nov. 25. Fredy Cisneros Agustin, 24, of the 6000 block of Vista Drive in Bailey’s Crossroads, was charged with murder and burglary.

Two people were charged with burglary: Gabriel Coca, 31, of the 6000 block of Vista Drive, and Jose Nasario Perez Amaya, 27, of the 3300 block of Argyle Drive in Bailey’s Crossroads.

The FCPD is asking for the public’s help in finding another burglary suspect, Adonay Polanco Cabrera, 21, of the 6000 block of Vista Drive. More charges could be forthcoming.


  1. Mason the social services cesspool of the county. This is what you get when leadership keeps pandering to the garbage gravitating to our district and turning into an ever growing dump.

  2. While I don't care for the sentiment of Anonymous 11/26/16, his tome reads like poetry. Impressive.

    1. Impressive? No. Trolls and whiners never impress me.

  3. Some people can't handle the truth until they complacently become a victim of these haneous crimes that are allowed to fester in Mason.