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Monday, November 28, 2016

Renovations under way on Annandale office building

Tenants sought for 7409 Little River Turnpike.
The renovation of an office building at 7409 Little River Turnpike in Annandale, first announced in May 2014, is under way after several challenges caused delays.

The building has four retail spaces on the first floor. The configuration of the second floor is flexible so the number of tenants would depend on how much space they want, says Edward Choo of ABC Real Estate.

“We just started construction so we can’t commit to a timeframe. We’re not proactively advertising yet,” he said. All of the former tenants, including a drycleaner and TitleMax, have relocated.

“It was a very tricky project. We’re pleased that it’s going forward,” said Jeffrey Levine of Levine Design Studio, the architect that worked on the initial design process for Hanna Plaza. Another architect, Charlie Choe, is managing the construction.

One of the challenges was the need to provide enough parking spaces. That was resolved when the building owner purchased the animal hospital next door, so the two buildings can share parking, Levine said.

Another delay dealt with county negotiations over the use of an existing underground stormwater line. The county generally doesn’t allow these lines under buildings, Levine said. But since it was an existing condition, and the pipe was impossible to move, the county agreed to let it stay if the owner agreed to protect it. The slab above the pipe was reinforced and spiral footings were installed on either side so the pipe won’t be disturbed.

The third challenge dealt with county concerns about what would happen if Little River Turnpike is eventually widened, as proposed in the county’s Comprehensive Plan. Since that is a long way in the future, the county agreed to allow parking in front of the building.

To improve traffic safety, one of the exits from the service road to Little River Turnpike next to Markham Street will be removed, Levine said.

The upgraded streetscape and landscaping in front of the building “will follow the Annandale design guidelines to create positive improvements in that area, which definitely needs it,” Levine says. The building will have a covered courtyard on the roof open to the elements.

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  1. My husband and I were JUST wondering what was going on there--thank you!