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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sign removal program expanded

Signs like this one in the VDOT right-of-way on Annandale Road, are prohibited.
Six streets in the Annandale/Mason District area are among the 28 streets that have been added to the sign-removal program jointly run by Fairfax County and the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Those streets include Annandale Road and John Marr Drive in Annandale; Carlin Springs Road, South Jefferson Street, and Seminary Road in Bailey’s Crossroads; and Patrick Henry Drive in Seven Corners.

For the newly added streets, only the segments of streets within the county’s commercial revitalization districts are included in the sign removal program.

The signs are removed from VDOT rights-of-way by incarcerated offenders in the Fairfax County Sheriff’s Community Labor Force. Since the program started on July 1, 2013, 75,000 signs that were illegally posted were removed along 71 major roadways.

Community Labor Force crews pick up signs every week from Tuesday to Thursday, visiting each road in the program at least twice a month. The crews only pick up signs, not litter, and they don’t collect signs on private property. Signs are not picked up in response to public complaints.

Signs are stored at the I-66 Transfer Station for five days, then are destroyed if not claimed by their owners.

The law allows the county to collect a $100 civil penalty against sign owners for each illegally posted sign. The county’s Department of Code Compliance, not the Sheriff’s Office, is responsible for assessing and collecting the fines.

Streets in the Annandale/Mason area already in the sign removal program include Backlick Road, Braddock Road, Columbia Pike, Edsall Road, Gallows Road, Little River Turnpike, Ravensworth Road, Route 7, and Route 50.


  1. why expand when it isn't enforced anyway? look around Skyline as an example

    1. At least they're trying! I'm absolutely grateful!

      Signs like that are like litter: someone dumps something on the ground, so someone else figures, "Hey, why not? No one cares. Everyone else is doing it. It must be okay" and so on.

      Anyway, how do you know that it isn't being enforced? Maybe it isn't, but perhaps it is. How much do you know about what goes on behind the scene? Hmm? Make all the suppositions you want, but realize that that's all they are.

    2. They don't enforce it because that would spoil the dump affect.

    3. Read the article. Stop talking to just hear your voice. The county work force tries to hit all the roads in the program twice a week. They are doing a great job. If Fairfax County is so bad do everyone a favor and move your complaining self somewhere else.

  2. i can tell you isn't not being enforced as the signs on route 7 aren't taken down and i have called VDOT and the county multiple times about it and they basically say they will get around to it which they never do.

  3. Any citizen or citizen group who wants to join the Adopt A Highway program can do so. This would allow that group to maintain the specific street - take down signs any time, and maintain the street in an uncluttered fashion.

  4. There are far less of these obnoxious, visually cluttering signs along our roadways since this program was implemented. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    But don't stop now .... there are more offenders out there and these signs should first be removed, and secondly the offenders should be fined.

    Annandale Blog had a story which named names and how much they were fined (albeit not a lot of $$$, but still a fine which perhaps will keep them at bay).

    Not seeing as many signs from the offender Realtors, mattress, junk car, and cabinet sellers much any more. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    The Adopt-A-Highway folks in my area don't do ANYTHING. No trash collection, no sign removal, and no trimming of overhanging vines or grasses growing into the sidewalks. It is shameful they have their name on such a sign and do nothing. Don't know that this program really works.

    Next stop: those offensive box trucks parked everywhere that are really billboards/signs (on wheels, but parked). These are against the ordinance also, but not enforced either.

    Come on FFX County! Fine these people. Raise some $$$ for your coffers. Clean up Fairfax County and make it great again. It is a disgrace considering the median income and high taxes we all pay.