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Friday, December 9, 2016

Supervisors approve e-Loft project in Bailey's Crossroads

The office building in the center would see new life as flexible e-Loft project.
The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a rezoning application allowing the conversion of a vacant, 10-story office building at 5600 Columbia Pike into an innovative, “e-Loft” concept with flexible units. Tenants could use their units as a residence, work space, or both,

Mason Supervisor Penny Gross called it an “exciting, innovative project, unlike anything seen or done in Fairfax County to date.”

This could be a template for similar projects, Gross said, “although not every vacant office building lends itself to this concept.”

The project would be developed by Novus Residences, which recently completed a similar, 200-unit e-Loft project in Alexandria. The Bailey’s Crossroads e-Loft building would be smaller, with 157 units. The Planning Commission endorsed the project Nov. 17.

The 3.7-acre property would have 519 parking spaces. The four existing access points on Carlin Springs Road would be consolidated to one.

The surface parking lot on Columbia Pike would be transformed into a green space with a public walkway. The developer would provide an eight-foot wide sidewalk, bus shelter, bike lane, and a “pre-emption device” for the traffic light to allow an override for emergency vehicles.

Scott Adams of McGuire Woods, speaking to BoS on behalf of Novus, said the project would serve as a gateway to Fairfax County and would spur revitalization in Bailey’s Crossroads.

Among other benefits cited by Adams: The project addresses the changing office market as more people telework. It serves the needs of entrepreneurs, promotes economic success, and will generate almost half a million dollars a year in tax revenue.


  1. i love how every new project is going to spur revitalization in Bailey’s Crossroads but nothing ever does.

    1. Anonymous12/9/16, 10:29 AM what are your ideas. Please be specific.

  2. So what is the timeline for this?

  3. This could be great!! Under other management of course. Are "massage" parlors permitted? Mason's slogan should be Bait and Switch. Promise anything but always deliver high density residential.

  4. If this project can change the complexion of the Mason Dump and pump it up with some young professionals, instead of used white vans that would be a Humpty Dumpty falling off of the wall of a day.

  5. How cool!!