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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Macy's at Landmark Plaza will close

Macy's at Landmark. 
The Macy’s department store at Landmark Mall will close in early 2017, the company announced Jan. 4. Macy’s Inc. is shutting down 68 of its 730 stores nationwide as part of a reorganization strategy for having “fewer stores with better customer experience.”

While the company’s online business is strong, the company is seeing “declining traffic in our stores where the majority of business is still transacted,” says CEO Terry Lundgren.

That’s got to be the case with the Macy’s at Landmark Mall, which has many vacant stores as the mall is slated to be redeveloped as a mixed-use town center by the Howard Hughes Corp. That project called for the entire mall to be gutted, with Macy’s and Sears to remain as anchors. A site plan amendment for the project was approved by the City of Alexandria in June 2015.

The Landmark Macy’s opened in 1965 and employs 119 sales associates.

Neither the Macy’s at Springfield Town Center nor Tyson Corner Center are on the list of store closings. The Macy’s at Tyson’s Galleria is one of three stores listed by the company as being sold and continuing to operate under a lease from the owners.

Both the Annandale Kmart and Sears in Seven Corners will remain open despite announcements on Dec. 27 and Jan. 4 by parent company, Sears Holding, Jan. 4 to close 108 Kmart stores and 42 Sears stores this spring. 


  1. Does this mean that Landmark can FINALLY be redeveloped??? I'm guessing no.

    1. This is so ridiculous. I think Kmart/Sears is not far behind. I wish those sears would give up the location soon as possible so redevelopment of landmark can go ahead with that understand. Man its taking a while.

    2. Another loss for the Dump. But given the area that Macy's is located in I am not surprised. The demographic have worsened and with that the economics of the West End. Thank you Alexandria City officials and Mason District leadership for failing to keep this area economically viable. It may be time to drain the swamp in DC but the slogan should be drain the Dump.

  2. Alexandria needs to expedite West End Transitway. It can only help.

  3. Landmark (Lil Pakistan) just needs to be leveled. It's driving down the property value for houses 5 miles away.