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Friday, January 6, 2017

More details emerge on St. James sports complex

Demolition under way on a former Washington Gas facility to make way for a huge sports complex on Industrial Road.
Work has started on the huge St. James Sports and Wellness Center in an industrial area in the Mason District.

The 435,000-square foot complex, being developed by the St. James Group, will have several indoor sports fields and courts, a swimming pool, laser tag, and much more.

The project is located on the site of former Washington Gas facility at 6801 Industrial Road, Springfield, near Backlick Road, the beltway, and Interstate I-395. The Board of Zoning Appeals approved a permit for the project last March.

An official with the St. James Group declined to discuss project details or an estimated completion date until the work is farther along. The Washington Business Journal published an update Jan. 4 based on documents submitted to Fairfax County.

According to the WBJ, the event floor of the complex will have:
  • a 100-yard turf field for soccer, football, and lacrosse
  • four full-size basketball courts, convertible to volleyball
  • 9,900 square feet of squash courts
  • eight batting cages
  • three golf simulators
  • a 52-meter, Olympic-size swimming pool
  • a splash park
  • two NHL-regulation ice rinks plus skate and equipment rental
  • a 10,000-square-foot gymnastics floor
  • a rock wall and play climb area
  • a 1,501-square-foot arcade and redemption counter
  • a 2,407-square-foot “Ballocity” and soft play area
  • and a 5,536-square-foot laser tag arena.
The floor plan for the entry level includes:
  • an 8,000-square-foot fitness center plus several group fitness/yoga rooms
  • two cardio theater rooms, each roughly 4,500 square feet
  • a 4,008-square-foot spa
  • a 2,315-square-foot “child watch” room
  • four 500-square foot party areas 
  • a 7,964-square-foot sports medicine center
  • a 1,000-square-foot retail store
  • a 3,991-square-foot “grab and go store”
  • and a 4,968-square-foot conference center.
The facility is expected to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the WBJ states. It could host as many as 1,241 people at one time – and up to 2,141 during special events.

No more than two tournaments could be held simultaneously unless St. James hires off-duty police officers or private security to direct traffic. The complex will be barred from hosting any event with more than 285 participants and/or spectators during the morning and afternoon rush hours.


  1. Seems like all the previous positive comments have vanished. Finally we get some good news about a facility for the people of Fairfax that pay taxes, work hard and its not a damn tax sucking wasteful social services palace and all the excitement vanished from the blog board..............really!

    1. No comments were removed. Maybe you're thinking about the comments to a previous article on this project? They are still up.

    2. The previous post on this subject disappeared. You should put it back or amend this one.

    3. Nothing disappeared.

    4. Perhaps I am missing something but when you push the older posts button it does not come up as we had that ability in the past. I think there is a bug in the website.

    5. Do you mean the link in this article doesn't work? Works for me with Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari. Maybe there's something weird with your settings. Does anyone else have a problem?

    6. The link works but when you go to older posts, the button at the bottom of the page the first of these two blogs does not come up......why is that? No one is going to remember the link to reference back to.

    7. My mistake I had not realized that this was printed in March. However it was up on the screen the other day before you updated the blog article. So perhaps Im confused.

  2. I'll be happy to post something positive. This appears to be an amazing project! I like that it has a strong business approach, which should be a positive tax generator for FFX County. According the the article there is already recognition of potential traffic issues and a control is in place. Hope it works well for neighboring residents and businesses.

  3. I am super excited about this place. I only live about a mile down the road and I think this place is going to be a blessing. I can not wait. I wish we had a date of when it is proposed to be up and running.