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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Scene around A-Town: The cats are all right

There’s a small colony of feral cats living in Annandale.

They are well taken care of. Local residents are making sure they have plenty of food and water. 

It’s hard to say how many there are, as they don’t let people get close. There are probably no more than half a dozen or so.


  1. Yeah they live near me and drive my dog nuts. My neighbor feeds them. Other than irritating my dog, they don't seem to cause any harm.

  2. Yes they drive my cats nuts. Irresponsible owners w farm and/or ghetto mentalities take on pets and then let them loose. Never seen it as bad as it is now. Its terribly cruel for the poor animals that now are propagating and the problem gets worse. Folks should call animal rescue especially when they see very tiny kittens so that they can be socialized and hopefully adopted. As usual the County has no program to deal with the mess their sanctuary county mentality has created.

    1. feral cats="ghetto" and "sanctuary county"

      Wow. You must specialize in specious logic.

  3. Those poor babies.

  4. there is a spay and neuter program for ferals that the county does

  5. When I had a feral mother and her kittens take up residence under the porch, a woman who does Trap/Neuter/Release trapped them with the understanding that they would be returned after spaying/neutering. I was fine with that as long as there would be no more kittens. As it turned out, the kittens were still young enough to be domesticated. I kept two -- strictly indoor cats now. The mother must have had someone, as she wasn't all that wild, and disappeared as soon as she was released despite the food that I left out.

    Their left ears were clipped by the vet to show that they had been fixed. Spay/neutering and rabies shots were paid for by the county; I paid for worming, etc from my regular vet.