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Friday, February 10, 2017

New apartment building on Route 50 in Seven Corners could open this spring

The Loren as seen from Arlington Boulevard. [Photos: Weinberg & Harris]
“The Loren,” the apartment building under construction on Arlington Boulevard in Seven Corners next to the new Hampton Inn & Suites, is scheduled to open in late spring 2017, reports marketing consultant Roger Mecca of Weinberg Harris & Associates.

The townhouses along South Street.
The building, which is being developed by the Bozzuto Group, will have 185 units, including 14 three-bedroom rental townhouses facing South Street. The other multifamily units will be a mix of one-bedroom, one-bedroom-plus-den, two-bedroom, and two-bedroom-plus-den units.

The courtyard
The first floor will have 15,000 square feet of commercial space. There is a focus on having a mix of retail uses, including fast casual sit-down dining, service retail, and fitness, Mecca said. “There is lots of interest,” but the developer is not ready to announce whether any tenants have signed on yet.

The breezeway
Amenities for residents include a resort-style pool; a club room with lounge seating, fireplace, and billiards table; a lobby lounge; a cyber café; a private courtyard with a grilling area, seating, and outdoor fireplace; bike storage; a private residential parking garage; and shuttle transportation to the East Falls Church Metro station. There will also be a community courtyard with seating for residents and retail visitors.


  1. Great development.

  2. Is this in Fairfax County or Falls Church City?

    1. Fairfax County, Providence District

  3. How odd that Bozutto doesn't describe it that way:
    "Located in The Little City, also known as Falls Church, the Loren boasts a perfect location with easy access to all the greatest neighborhoods Northern Virginia and Washington, DC have to offer."

    1. Splitting hairs though, Falls Church dividing lines are a block away, as is Mason. I think they get more marketing cache by claiming their Falls Church lineage, not suprising they phrase it that way.

    2. Well it is in a Falls Church zip code so it's not wrong... Most tenants won't care what jurisdiction they're technically in.

    3. Note that this nice looking development is not in the "Dump"

    4. @Adam - 7 corners is also pretty much 4 corners for boundaries.... within half a mile you have essentially the following boundaries:
      - Falls Church City
      - Mason District
      - Providence District
      - Arlington County

      This is a nice looking development, and is close enough to Mason District for us residents to be proud of, IMO.

    5. Wasn't talking To you jeff.

    6. Despite strained attempts above to offer cover, there is no justification for the misrepresentation of facts.

  4. Regardless the jurisdiction, hope everyone realizes this is no less than 1,829 units which will house no less than 3,308 new residents.

    1. How did 185 units and 14 townhouses become 1,829 units?

    2. W Broad St Residences 286 units 572(2 people per unit)
      Pearson Sq 410 S Maple 230 units 460
      Northgate @ Falls Church104 units 208
      Crescent Falls Church 208 units 416
      The West Lee 128 units 256
      6410 Arlington Blvd 185 units 200
      The Broadway 80 units 160
      Lincoln @ Tinner Hill 224 units 448
      Avalon Falls Church 384 units 768
      1,829 units = 3,308 potential residents

  5. Will the traffic light blinking yellow on Arlington Blvd., that was installed when Tom Davis was in office, put back in service as a regular traffic light? That will suck!