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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Police arrest robbery suspect

Canales [FCPD]
Recent arrests reported by the Fairfax County Police Department include an incident in Bailey’s Crossroads involving robbery and malicious wounding. 

Police believe the suspect may be responsible for 11 recent street robberies. 

Police officers and detectives were at the intersection of Bellview Drive and Glen Carlin Drive investigating a recent string of robberies at around 2 a.m. on Feb. 19 when they saw a man acting suspicious who fit the description of the suspect in prior crimes.

Officers saw him approach two people and display a knife and a broken bottle. The suspect demanded the victims’ wallets and subsequently cut one victim on the arm with the bottle. Officers immediately challenged the suspect and took him into custody.

Carlos Turcios Canales, 39, of Falls Church was arrested, taken to the Adult Detention Center, and charged with two counts of robbery and malicious wounding. The victim was treated for minor injuries.

In another incident this weekend reported by the FCPD, a traffic stop at around midnight on Feb. 18 in the 4800 block of Beauregard Street led to an arrest for a concealed weapon and possession of narcotics. An investigation revealed a handgun under the driver’s seat. Ragal Khalil Abdelrasoul, 19, of Falls Church was arrested and taken to the Adult Detention Center.


  1. Good to see Fairfax County Police finally getting around to arresting this alleged thug. The report states that he may be responsible for 11 recent street robberies.

    What is obvious is the Fairfax County Board and Fairfax County Police would never tolerate the string of street robberies and other violent crime as they have in the Bailey Crossroads area in other locations such as McLean, Tysons Corner, or Reston.

    These public officials and the people who support them claim they "care" for the poor and the undocumented, but they take their time before responding to the rapid increase in violent crime, including murder, in the Bailey Crossroads/Culmore area where many of the poor and undocumented live; responding much slower and less responsively than would be tolerated in other more affluent areas of the County.

    1. Kind of shitty to say that FFX county police "tolerates" crime in our area. I think they're doing all they can with the resources they have.

    2. What are you saying Adam?

      Are you saying you would find living in an area where violent street crime is rising and the police waited until they think someone has committed 11 violent street crimes before they captured him (don't tell me you think the alleged thug is a criminal mastermind who previously was able to outwit the underpaid and overwhelmed Fairfax County PD) acceptable? I don't think it is.

      Adam, your "shitty" opinion would have more weight if you lived in the Culmore area and had to take into consideration the potential of being subject to violent street crime when you arrive or depart from your house (especially in the evening or early morning hours).

    3. Lol dude I didn't say any of that. I'm saying it's shitty to claim that our police tolerates crime in our area, I think they do nothing of the sort. I didn’t saying living in an area where violent crime is rising (not necessarily true) is acceptable. I didn't say that waiting until someone has committed 11 violent street crimes before capture is acceptable. I didn't say that crime in Culmore is acceptable, nor is the fact that I don't live there mean my opinion is invalid. All I said was, claiming our police tolerates crime is shitty. It's an insult to the police that work hard to deal with issues in our area.

    4. Hey dude, you are living in a fantasy world. The Fairfax police are now claiming gang activity is out of control, they are finding more dead bodies in a local park (Holmes Stream Run) and you are sitting in your relatively safe home claiming it "is not necessarily true" that violent crime is rising in this area.

      Yeah, I would say your "shitty" opinion is invalid because your living in La La Land.