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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Aunie Te's leaving Annandale for Mosaic

"Auntie Te" (center) and daughters.
Auntie Te’s, the little gem of a high-end consignment shop in the Bradlick Shopping Center in Annandale, is moving to the Mosaic District in Merrifield.

“After 10 years in our current location and many rent increases, we have decided to move on,” said owner Theresa Cizmar in an email to customers. The new location and grand opening dates will be announced once the building permits are approved.

The shop, at 6920A Braddock Road, will close on Saturday, April 29, at 5 p.m. Meanwhile, Cizmar promises three days of “crazy deals,” with clothing and shoes marked down 50 to 75 percent, 50 percent off home décor, and a $5 dress rack.

The new Auntie Te’s will have a front showroom with clothing, jewelry, and accessories plus a warehouse that will be open once a month for sales of furniture, home décor, and clearance items.

“Your patience is appreciated during this transition. We expect to have some downtime while we put the ‘Auntie TE’ touch on the new space,” said Cizmar.

Consignors will have their contracts extended for an additional month. In the new space, certain categories of clothing will no longer be accepted for consignment, including skirts, blazers, and most pants. The shop will accept some trendy jeans and workout leggings.

Cizmar opened her first shop, Three Friends Limited, with two friends in 1987, with the goal of
offering cute, barely used clothing and accessories in a boutique setting that doesn’t look like a thrift store.

She opened Auntie Te’s as a solo venture in 1991 in Annandale, moved the store to the Ravensworth Shopping Center in Springfield in 1997, then relocated to the Bradlick Shopping Center 10 years ago.


  1. Can't wait to try out the new digs. Congratulations on your impending move.

  2. Is rent really cheaper in Mosaic compared to Bradlick? That'd be insane. Good luck with the move Theresa, we love your old house!