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Thursday, April 20, 2017

New after-school program focuses on literacy

Kids and volunteers in the Read-Aloud program at the Wedgewood Community Center.
Several dozen children who live in the Wedgwood garden apartments in Annandale gathered at the complex’s community center after school on April 18 for a literacy-based program sponsored by the Reading Connection.

Volunteers read them stories, the children made maracas, they had a parade – and every child got to select a book to take home. The goal is to “surround the kids with literary richness and help them start a home library,” said Judy Hijikata, communications director at the Reading Connection.

The Read-Aloud program takes place every Tuesday afternoon at the Wedgwood Community Center, for school-age children, most of whom attend Annandale Terrace Elementary School. Students receive a free book every time they come.

The program is conducted in partnership with Facets, which operates after-school and summer programs at the Wedgewood Community Center. The Giving Circle of Hope gave the Reading Connection a grant to cover the cost of the books and volunteer training.   

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  1. Such a wonderful program! We at the Giving Circle were delighted to be there for the launch event and honored to support the work of The Reading Connection.