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Saturday, April 8, 2017

VDOT to repave roads in Annandale and Barcroft area this summer

A paving vehicle used by VDOT in Annandale last summer.
The Virginia Department of Transportation’s Northern Virginia summer repaving plan includes several streets in the Annandale area: 
  • Hummer Road
  • Gallows Road/Annandale Road between the beltway and Annawood Court.
  • Several streets in the Lake Barcroft and Barcroft Hills area, including Lakeview Drive, Whispering Lane, Oakwood Drive, and many others.
  • Sleepy Hollow Road between Columbia Pike and Bay Tree Lane and Chanel Road/Wyndhill Drive. 
  • Braddock Road between Backlick Road and the beltway.
  • Little River Turnpike service roads between the beltway and a little beyond Markham Street, between Edwards Street and Merritt Road, between Lincoln Avenue and halfway to Chowan Avenue, and between Manitoba Drive and Oasis Drive.
See the map on the VDOT website for details.

VDOT will have exact dates for the repaving about 10 days before the work is scheduled to begin. “No parking” signs will be posted in subdivisions at least three days in advance. The work is expected to be limited to 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on weekdays. Residents will likely be asked to move parked cars. 


  1. Oh!!!! please tell me that Castle place and Castle Road are going to be repaved. They have more bumps than a 16 year old with acne and have been patched more than Phyllis diller. Whispering Lane you've got to be kidding me. It was paved not more than 5 years ago. Who lives on that street? New curbs sidewalks and as soon as a crack appears VDOT is right there

    1. The VDOT map doesn't include Castle Pl./Rd. Better buy an off road vehicle.

  2. Spring Valley Dr. on the South side of Braddock, Mitchell St., Clinton Rd. and Colebrook Pl. have not been repaved for nearly fourteen years. Yes, that is 14 years. And we are still not on the list!

    1. Isn't that par for the course when it comes to side streets? VDOT tends to focus on major thoroughfares. We're on the list this time, but it's been about 15 years since our side street was last repaved. The most likely reason is that stretches of our street are turning to gravel.

    2. Seriously, Ridge Rd hasn't been paved since Tom Davis was the Supervisor of Mason District.

  3. Gallows Road? Thank god. I am so tired of slaloming up and down that blasted thing every day. Why the heaviest-use roads don't get more frequent service is beyond me--and patchwork that only leaves a cobblestone effect a few months later doesn't count.

    But Whispering and Oakwood? You have to be kidding.