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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Local artists featured at Green Spring Gardens

Green heron nestlings by Larry Golfer.
Artworks by members of the Lake Barcroft Art League are on display in the Horticulture Center and Historic House at Green Spring Gardens through Aug. 20.

Butterflies by George McLennan.
The exhibition, titled “Imagining Nature,” includes several photographs of wildlife – such as eagles, herons, and foxes – who live around Lake Barcroft.

The art collective consists of about 25 Lake Barcroft painters, textile artists, ceramicists, sculptors, photographers, wood turners, and jewelry artists. 

Paintings by Helen Power.
The Lake Barcroft Art League coordinates group shows, at galleries such as the Crossroads Gallery in the Goodwin House at Bailey’s Crossroads, and individual exhibits at places like Beanetics Coffee Roasters in Annandale, and organizes the annual holiday art show in Lake Barcroft homes. 

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