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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Aldi coming to Merrifield

Before Staples was here, this was a Giant.
A new Aldi grocery store is expected to open by the end of the year at 8100A Arlington Blvd., Merrifield, in the Yorktown Shopping Center.

The new store will be in a space that has been vacant since Staples closed in April 2016. That shopping center is also getting a new Five Guys burger restaurant

The new Aldi store will be about the same size as the Aldi that opened in Annandale May 4, said Jeff Baehr, Frederick Division vice president for Aldi. It will have five aisles and about 12,500 square feet of selling space.

Like the Annandale store and new Aldi stores opening across the country, “the Merrifield store will focus on fresh items, including more robust produce, dairy, and bakery sections,” Baehr said. “The store will also feature a modern design, open ceilings, natural lighting, and environmentally friendly building materials, such as recycled materials, energy-saving refrigeration, and LED lighting.”


  1. Aldi, Lidl and amazon buying up whole foods...sounds like trouble for some the weaker grocery chains.

    1. Yes and even for the small local shops, Halalco in Falls is being kicked out by Aldi. They have been in Falls Church for over 40 years.

    2. How are they being 'kicked out' by Aldi? What force is there involved.

    3. Sorry, not kicked out by force. Their rent is being raised to the point where they can't compete with a big chain such as an Aldi.

    4. Sorry for Halalco, but an Aldi on Hillwood in FC is awesome news. I have a feeling that's going to be as close as one gets to me.