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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Just Neighbors moves, on short notice, to Annandale office building

Just Neighbors new home, in the building at the rear.
Just Neighbors, a nonprofit organization that serves low-income immigrants andrefugees throughout Northern Virginia, is moving this weekend from Bailey’s Crossroads to an office building at 7630 Little River Turnpike in Annandale.

In March 2016, the organization announced plans to relocate to the Heritage Drive campus of the Annandale United Methodist Church. “As we began to move toward beginning construction of the new offices, the church discovered significant zoning issues that would take 18-24 months to resolve,” Just Neighbors states in an email to supporters. That was not a problem, however, as “we were fine in our current space and we could afford to wait.”

But then on May 3, Just Neighbors was informed it had to vacate its current office space in the Bailey’s International Center (the Landmark Building) at 5827 Columbia Pike by June 15 due to the upcoming redevelopment of the Southeast Quadrant. [That building is slated to be demolished next winter. More on that later.]

“Of course, this was totally unexpected and a very short turnaround,” Just Neighbors states. “After picking our jaws off the floor, we went into action mode,” searching for a new location and figuring out the logistics of moving while continuing business as usual.

Just Neighbors plans to reopen for clients on July 18 in 7630 Little River Turnpike. It will be in temporary offices in that building until the buildout of the permanent space is completed.

“As frustrating as it is to have to move on such short notice, there is a silver lining,” Just Neighbors notes. “Since the election, our number of volunteer attorneys has increased, but we had to turn away some of them due to lack of space in our current offices. We began to realize that the planned space at the Heritage Drive site was going to leave us in the same situation.” 

The new space is significantly larger, allowing the organization to have more staff and volunteers and serve more clients.

One of Just Neighbors’ partners, National Justice for Our Neighbors, is also moving to the same building, from its current location on Braddock Road near the beltway. 

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