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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A former underdog swim team finishes the season with a big win

The Barracudas celebrate a big win. 
The Broyhill Crest Barracudas, the swim team based at the Broyhill Crest Recreation Club in Annandale, achieved what had been thought to be impossible – It finished the season with a 5-0 record, winning first place in their division of the Northern Virginia Swim League.

The award was presented July 29 at the Divisionals swim meet at the Broyhill Crest pool.
This is the first time the Barracudas won Divisionals since 1992 or 1994. Swim team parents are hazy about the exact date, but they are certain it’s before all the current swimmers and coaches Hillary and Angela Leersnyder were born.

It should be noted that the Barracudas are in Division 17, the lowest level of the NVSL divisions. Other recreation clubs in Division 17 are Newington Forest, North Springfield, Springfield, Edsall Park, and Pinewood Lake.

Nevertheless, that win is expected to be a great motivator for next summer. While the team once struggled to field enough swimmers, one swim parent noted, it now has 90 members and is full of enthusiasm and energy. 


  1. I believe that Division 17 is the prestigious "Foundation of the NVSL". Nowhere to go but up! Go Barracudas!!

  2. As great as the division win is, the very best thing about this team is the community, camaraderie and support for each other. I could not wish for a better team for my children to be a part of.

  3. Lets take a moment to thank not just the athletes, but Hillary and Angela Leersnyder, who are remarkable young women and amazing mentors to these children.