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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Markham Street Cafe: bistro fare in a rustic setting

The Markham Street Café isn’t like anything else in Annandale. It’s a large space with great food, coffee, and tea – and welcomes guests who want to hang out and work or study.

The café, at 4316 Markham Street, opened earlier this month. It’s in a long-vacant space that was formerly an Asian grocery store at the rear of small shopping center that also houses the A&J Restaurant, the Tanpopo ramen and sushi place, a jewelry store, and boutique. There’s no sign out front and limited parking, but it’s easily accessible from the ramp on the right side of the building. 

The Markham Street Café is going for a bistro vibe, says Victor Samuel, one of three co-owners, along with David Kim and Evan Scher. Samuel and Scher, the chef, also operate Slated Catering.

The signature sandwich, the Grammy, consists of a deep-fried chicken thigh, pickled coleslaw, green chili sauce, and a sunny side up egg. 

“We really want to provide chef-quality-style food at a reasonable price,” Samuel says.

Here’s what else is on the menu: a Cubano pork sandwich, artisan grilled cheese, chicken pesto sandwich, a couple of salads, Gruyere mac and cheese with apple-smoked bacon, tomato bisque, curried cauliflower soup, onion rings, and sweet potato fries. 

Evan Scher (left) and Victor Samuel.
There’s also a selection of desserts, such as chocolate cake, cheesecake, tiramisu, and berry tarts. Among the hot drinks are honey citrus blossom tea, acai pomegranate tea, organic matcha tea, and pumpkin pie latte.  

The menu is still limited; more items will be added in the near future, Samuel says. An ABC license should be approved soon, so wine and cocktails will be added to the mix.

“It’s New American cuisine in a community hub,” Scher says. In designing the setting, Samuel says they were aiming for “a rustic, homey, West Coast vibe.” There are couches, as well as dining tables.

The partners see the Markham Street Café, along with The Block, as part of a trend to bring fresh ideas and new life to Annandale.

Future plans include the addition of breakfast food, outdoor seating, wine tastings, a rotating display of art, open mike nights, and a private “speakeasy” room in the back with high-end cocktails.

The Markham Street Café is open 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. It’s closed on Sundays, but that will change, too. 


  1. Sounds like a great place! Can't wait to stop by.

  2. wow this is cool, I like these new spots with new ideas coming to Adale. I think most of the DMV area are way too cookie cutter. Annandale can really stand out with places like this, and The Block, and be the "cool" neighborhood of DMV if other places follow suit. The Korean places themselves are already cool and different, but more diverse places like The Block is needed

  3. Great looking space ... Looking forward to checking it out!

  4. We took a peek in there over the weekend after eating at Tanpopo - it looked cozy and comfortable! Can't wait to stop by for a longer visit.

  5. Yea! Welcome to the neighborhood, guys!

  6. Out with Wendy's and in with the DMV Block and Markham Street Cafe. I like where this is going, maybe I'll stay for a while. Maybe this is in the new Annandale Town Center! Baileys, Seven Corners, and Lincolnia Plaza look out, they have a better idea.