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Saturday, November 11, 2017

New Police Civilian Review Panel hosts public forum next week

If you have concerns about the police – or just curious about the new Fairfax County Police Civilian Review Panel – come to a public forum in Annandale Nov. 16, 7-9 p.m., at the Heritage Human Services Center, 7611 Little River Turnpike.

The panel invites the public to learn about the complaint process, the roles of the review panel and the Independent Police Auditor, and meet panel members.

The Civilian Review Panel and Independent Police Auditor were created by the Board of Supervisors in December 2016 in response to recommendations by the Ad Hoc Police Practices Review Commission.

Members of the public can speak at the forum but will not be permitted to comment on specific police complaints. Those wishing to speak can sign up on a first-come, first-served basis. Ten time slots of three minutes each are available for attendees to comment on issues related to the panel’s or auditor’s jurisdiction.

At the forum, the Civilian Review Panel will listen to and record comments for further investigation, but will not offer responses at that time. Written comments can also be submitted to

Complaints about the Fairfax County Police Department and specific actions by police officers can be submitted online. The same form is used for the independent auditor and review panel.

The Civilian Review Panel is charged with reviewing completed administrative investigations of public complaints about the abuse of authority or serious misconduct by a police officer. Those reviews could include public meetings with the complainant. It also can hold public meetings on law enforcement policies and practices.

Examples of the type of incidents that would be considered by the panel include the use of racial, ethnic, or sexual language by a law enforcement officer; harassment or discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion national origin, marital status, age, familial status, or disability; and reckless endangerment of a person in custody.

It’s the Independent Police Auditor, not the Civilian Review Panel, that is responsible for reviewing internal investigations by the FCPD on officer-involved shootings, in-custody deaths, and use-of-force cases in which an individual is killed or seriously injured. 


  1. And what are they going to tell us we don't already know: crime is up, illegals are all over the place and running the middle class out and our quality of life in Mason is diving?

  2. Great way to further hamstring the police. No wonder crime and traffic issues continue to increase. And, why create a group who will like most bureaucracies fight to sustain itself and prove its worth, all at the expense of hard working men and women. Had the board and the chief not screwed up on one bad shooting we would not be here!

    1. And hamstring all of us. A friend of mine emailed me today that a one bedroom unit in their building in DC went for $550K; no land and no parking; and of course high condo fees. And what does a three bedroom SF house with land and parking go for in Mason. Your lucky if you get $450K. What's wrong with this picture, inept County leadership. Too much time and money chasing illegals and schooling them, and too little investing in the County's future. Hard to get a good price here when your house is in the minority in a sea of boarding houses and unkept properties.