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Friday, December 29, 2017

Attempted robbery involves machete

Herrera-Chan [FCPD]
There was an attempted robbery involving a machete in the 7900 block of Heritage Drive, Annandale, at about 5:50 p.m. on Dec. 28, the Fairfax County Police Department reports.

A man was approached by someone who demanded his money and wallet. The victim refused to hand anything over, and the suspect began swinging a weapon, described as a machete. The victim was not injured and provided a description of the suspect to officers.

The suspect was located nearby and arrested. Enoc Herrera-Chan, 25, of Centreville, was charged with attempted robbery, attempted malicious wounding, and being drunk in public.

Also on Dec. 28, a man walking in the 7800 block of Heritage Drive at around 7:39 p.m. was robbed by a teenager. The youth approached him, said something, then punched him. A struggle ensued and two or three other teens arrived and started hitting the man. They took money from him and ran away. The victim had minor injuries.


  1. My kids go to the segregated Annandale High... Have to walk the gauntlet to get home. Thanks Tessie Wilson, Brad Center and the rest of the single party school board for ignoring all common sense and removing the bulk of middle class from AHS in 2011... A job well done.

  2. Just sick. This is the same stretch of road where an elderly woman was brutally assaulted in broad daylight a few years back. Annandale isn't as bad as Bailey's Crossroads but this particular area may eventually compete with them.

  3. Typical scene in today's Annandale Spanish young gone wild!!

    1. We need to purge the crap from Mason District. Our politicians have no will or the smarts to do it; the latino community hides because many are undocumented. As usual the middle class is abandoned and left with the crumbs that the rich can afford to keep out of their neighborhoods. Its simply Democracy gone wrong.

    2. By "crumbs" I think you mean the latino community because they are undocumented. By "purge the crap" you mean exterminate the neighborhoods. By "Democracy gone wrong" is it Obama you are referring to? "Our politicians have no will or the smarts to do it"
      Do what? "go on Annandale Blog and complain?
      How do the rich keep them out?

      Anonymous 12/31/17 , 3:46 PM What do you propose?

    3. Thank you, 7:03.

      3:46, your dog-whistling needs some improvement; we can *all* hear it.