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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Public invited to learn about redistricting

The Springfield-Annandale branch of the American Association University Women invites the public to learn about efforts to end gerrymandering and promote fair redistricting in Virginia.

This is the topic of the group’s next meeting, Dec. 14, 7 p.m., in the Braddock District supervisor’s office, 9002 Burke Lake Road, Burke.

Brian Cannon, executive director of OneVirginia2021, will talk about how that organization is campaigning for fair, nonpartisan redistricting and will present an update on recent court cases that have an impact on redistricting.
Although the first known cases of gerrymandering date back to the 18th century, the impact of gerrymandering on electoral politics has come under intense public scrutiny in recent years. OneVirginia2021 was formed after a small group of concerned citizens came together in Charlottesville in 2013 to address the problem.

OneVirginia2021 was structured to reflect a commitment to education and advocacy, with a multipartisan approach that includes Republicans, Democrats, and independents. OneVirginia2021 believes that state and congressional districts belong to the citizens of the Commonwealth, and not to any legislator, political party, or special interest.

OneVirginia2021 encourages all Virginians to become part of this important effort.

To learn more about why redistricting is needed, watch the film “Gerryrigged: Turning Democracy on its Head” on the OneVirginia2021 website.

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  1. Mason is heavily gerrymandered between 11th and 8th district. I live less then a mile from the 11th districts HQ but am actually in the Alexandria 8th district. I pass through the bounderies several times taking my kids to school. Their schools of course are in different districts too.

    And I am sure the residents of McClean have much in common with those of Winchester. They are both in the 10th district, Right?