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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Mathnasium offers after-school math tutoring

Mathnasium instructor Daniel Eya Amame (left) has two math degrees, one earned in France and another from the University of Maryland in 2017. Instructor Alain Carbajal completed a bachelor's degree in math from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2017.
If your child is struggling with math, there’s a new after-school tutoring center available to help. Mathnasium of Annandale opened in January at 7000 Columbia Pike.

The center provides “an individualized learning plan in a team-teaching environment” for students in grades 1 through 12, says owner Sarla Kale.

While Mathnasium helps children who are failing in math, Kale says, it also provides enrichment to students who are above their grade level and helps children maintain their skills so they don’t fall behind.

Sarla Kale
When students come in for a session, they can work with any tutor who is available. All instructors have access to students’ learning plans. They explain math concepts, assign problems, and observe how the child does. Parents get a progress report every two or three months.

The result should be better grades on the school report card, but it’s not only about mastering skills. “We want students to enjoy math,” Kale says. “We want them to view math differently, as a life skill.”

Kale, a former teacher with a degree in business administration, became committed to the Mathnasium method after seeing how well her own children did at another Mathnasium center.

“If you see your child struggling, try to get help sooner, rather than later,” Kale says. “Once a child loses confidence, they may not even want to try. That can be an even bigger challenge.”

Parents are encouraged to bring their children twice a week. They can set their own days and hours on a flexible basis. The monthly tuition covers up to four sessions a week, but Kale says anything beyond three times a week becomes too stressful for children who already have other after-school activities.

Tuition varies depending on the grade level, Mathnasium program, and whether you sign up for 12 months, six months, or on a month-to-month basis. It’s about $240 to $250 a month for an elementary student with a 12-month commitment. There’s also a $100 assessment fee, which Kale is waiving for people who sign up by the end of the month.
The Mathnasium Center in the Annandale Shopping Center.


  1. I could have used a place like this back in the day. I barely avoided flunking geometry and that was it for me. I still have a serious case of math envy. Not knowing math really limits your career options. - Sparky

  2. What a great addition to the Annandale business district! ( No pun intended :)