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Friday, March 9, 2018

Adult daycare facility/banquet hall approved by Planning Commission

The Kids Choice Center.
The Planning Commission on March 8 endorsed a project to convert the Kids Choice center on Ravensworth Road to a combination adult daycare center during weekdays and a banquet hall on weekends and evenings.

The applicants, Helen and Young Bae, the owners of the Han Gang restaurant next door, and their attorney Ilryong Moon agreed to make some changes in the project in response to concerns raised at a public hearing in January.

The maximum number of seniors served in the day care center was reduced from 275 to 200, Commissioner Julie Strandlie (Mason) announced. They would all arrive by shuttle buses, and not be dropped off by car. When exiting the facility, vehicles won’t be allowed to turn left onto Ravensworth Road.

The capacity of the banquet hall would be limited to 150. There would be a two-hour window between the closing of the adult day center and the opening of the banquet hall.

The entire building will be replaced except for the foundation. The new structure will be limestone and brick, not brick veneer. 

The next step for the project is a hearing before the Board of Supervisors.

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