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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Bowling alley will be renovated

The Annandale bowling alley on Markham Street is going to be renovated and expanded. The manager of AMF Annandale Lanes, Jabbar Burke, says he just learned of the plan last week from a representative of the parent company, Bowlero Corp., but wasn’t given any details.

He says Bowlero is going to send a concept team to the bowling alley to explain what the company intends to do.
The Annandale bowling alley hosts a dozen bowling leagues. 
A previous plan for a mixed-use project with a 12-story apartment building and ground-floor retail on the bowling alley property fell through, as the financing didn’t work out. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved a rezoning application for that project in 2014.

Bowlmor and AMF Bowling Worldwide completed a merger in 2013 – after AMF filed for Chapter 11 – to create a new company known as Bowlmor AMF.

Bowlmor AMF changed its name to Bowlero Corp. in January 2018. The company owns 47 Bowlero bowling centers, 168 AMF Bowling facilities, 17 Bowlmore Lanes, and 61 Brunswick Zone centers.  

According to the press release that announced the company’s new name, Bowlero says it plans “to launch more than a dozen Bowlero-branded centers this year as it renovates and converts its traditional centers and opens new locations throughout the country.”

The company describes Bowlero centers as “whimsical, modern interpretations of traditional bowling alleys, featuring retro-inspired, upscale amenities, inventive food and beverage offerings, and interactive arcades and amusements.”


  1. Its refreshing that a business is going to stay put rather than building more residences. We desperately need more businesses to help keep our residential real estate taxes down. More residences just increases the stress on our services and infrastructure.

    1. It would have been nice to have Markam Place, but I am even more excited that the bowling alley is staying. It is a destination for bowling leagues all over the Metro Area. It brings people into Annandale and that is good for surrounding businesses. Thank goodness it didn't turn into a DMV or another homeless shelter which seems to be the new model (actually an old 1970s prototye) for economic development in Mason.

  2. This is great news. STRIKE!

  3. I like the bowling alley and glad to hear of this.

    But that's another proposed development project down the drain in Mason. We pissed off Zeus or something?

  4. Mason has clearly been red-lined by developers and investors.

  5. Nobody wants to live in a town with no meaningful code compliance and a police force wisely fleeing the scene of massive managerial maleficence, i.e. corruption. Why can't we just clean the place up? Because there is so much money to be had by trashing the place. Nothing new here, SOS, just the same old ethnic cleansing of working class neighborhoods by people who already have way too much of our earnings. The term ‘affordable housing’, that’s just a cloaking device for rampant speculative gangster-ism. Nothing new about that.