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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Closed sidewalk endangers pedestrians on Leesburg Pike in front of retail construction site

People are walking in traffic on Leesburg Pike.
Now that the sidewalk in front of the shopping center project under construction on Leesburg Pike in Bailey’s Crossroads has been closed off, people are risking their lives walking in the street with cars and trucks whizzing by a few inches away.

Spectrum Development LLC, which is in charge of developing the retail center, has not responded to requests for comment. A resident who complained to the Virginia Department of Transportation that signs warning people not walk there keep getting knocked down and should also be in Spanish was brushed off, as a VDOT representatives indicated it’s not their problem.

A dangerous place to walk.
A spokesperson for Mason Supervisor Penny Gross says she has heard complaints from residents and asked Spectrum to put up scaffolding to protect pedestrians.

The shopping center is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. It will have a CVS drugstore, Pita Pouch, Burger7, and Sardi’s Pollo a la Brasa.

The CVS under construction on the corner of Leesburg Pike and Charles Street. The sign on the fence says: "Construction area. Do no enter."
Since the project was approved by the Board of Supervisors in January 2016, residents have complained about trucks on neighborhood streets. construction on holidays, and squatters in vacant houses.


  1. No surprise, you call the Mason District Supervisor's office and they would refer you to VDOT; you call the State Delegate and she says its a District issue; you call VDOT, they say its not their issue; you call zoning they say its not their jurisdiction from the property line to the street; you call the police they give you deer in headlights. Its great living in area where no one is in charge and no one really cares.

  2. this is a super dangerous situation. i have almost hit several people the past week. don't understand why none of these people seem to care about public safety.