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Thursday, April 26, 2018

New chicken place coming to Annandale

The interior is nearly finished.
The Pelicana restaurant under construction at 4219 John Marr Drive in Annandale, next to The Block, is expected to open in mid-May, says Dan Lim of Pelicana’s U.S. offices in New York City.

Pelicana is a Korean-based chain that specializes in fried chicken with a sweet red sauce. The company’s slogan is “King of Chicken.” There are seven locations in New York City and one in New Jersey.  

Pelicana is located in a storefront that used to house Amore cosmetics.
In addition to chicken, the menu at the Annandale restaurant will start out simple with just a few items – such as chicken burgers, fries, onion rings, and sweet potato sticks – until it gets more established. There will be a bar, and Lim says, the place already has an ABC license. Patrons will be able to eat inside to get takeout. There is seating for 37 people.


  1. No more Korean restaurants in Annandale please..........

    1. I’m curious as to what you expected when you moved to Annandale...

    2. Well, in 1962...

    3. Burgers onion rings and fries sounds pretty american to me.

    4. Dice burgers, Glory days, w\Wendys, juke box and burger king has all of that stuff, why would need more? What do you want to do with all this beef, "Make America Stupid Again?"

  2. Adam's comments seems racist to me.

  3. This fits right in being next to the block, can't have too many "KFC" places!

  4. How can one area with so many Korean restaurants possibly support yet another one? There is a Korean population, yes. But is there zero room in downtown Annandale for non Korean restaurant? Will Silverado be our only decent quality non Korean option forever and ever? How about something like Cava?

  5. a Chic-Filet would also be a nice improvement to the area

    1. OMG, you got to be kidding. There is a Wendy's on Little River Tnpk, go feast away.

    2. What's "Chic-Filet"? Is it anything like "Chick-fil-A"?

  6. We have enuf Korean restaurants. Need some variety.

  7. Korean food is delicious; having such a vibrant and active Korean community in Annandale is wonderful.

  8. To Anonymous4/26/18, 5:29 PM: Substitute the word "American" for "Korean" in your post and it reads: "How can one area with so many American restaurants possibly support yet another one?" Think about it, and you will have your answer.

    1. It's the same issue. Lack of variety-- American, Korean, Mexican, whatever. There's a fair share of Latinos in Annandale yet not very many Latino restaurants in downtown Annandale... so is Annandale discriminating against Latino business owners? Is it discriminating against all non Korean business owners who may want to open a restaurant here? It's a fair question.

    2. Those listed here are Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Afghani, Middle Easter, Thai, International, American, Ethiopian, Latino, Peruvian, Indian, and more....
      Put your bib on and enjoy...
      Rice Pot Asian Cuisine
      Thai Food
      Duck Chang
      Chicken Pollo
      Pho Hai Duong
      Miso fusion
      New China
      Al Hamra Halal
      Food Corner Kabob
      The Block
      Markham St Café
      Dice Burger
      Juke Box
      Pho Hot
      La Cochabambina
      Balo Kitchen
      Rlease the Crayken
      Nua House Thai

    3. I'd like to add Tandoori Nights and Shiney's.

  9. I'm Asian and I've had enough Korean restaurants in Annandale! Yes, bring some chick Fil A to the area please!!!