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Monday, April 16, 2018

The Lincolnia Park pool invites new members

We have invited members of community recreation club boards to submit a blog post promoting their local pool and describing what makes it special. The first article in this series was about Holmes Run Pool. If you would like to write about your pool, contact the Annandale Blog editor at

The Lincolnia Park Recreation Club.
By Andrew Wise

The weather is finally warming up, so it’s time to think about joining a pool. The Lincolnia Park Recreation Club (LPRC) pool, conveniently located at 6501 Montrose St., will open the Saturday before Memorial Day, on May 26.
LPRC hosts lots of social events.
We have a number of great social activities for the beginning of the season, starting with several events the first weekend.

LPRC offers members a great, professionally managed pool and lighted tennis courts year round, but it’s really about community. The pool is a place to enjoy the warm weather but also a place to relax with your neighbors, and for the kids to play (both in the pool and in the great new playground) and enjoy the swim team.

The Lazers swim team. 
Frequent social events, at least twice a week, bring people together. There’s also an adults-only morning swim for people to get their exercise in as the day begins plus water aerobics, Sunday afternoon bike rides, a triathlon, and yoga on the deck.

Even if you don’t like to swim, LPRC offers a host of fun activities and a great place to meet your neighbors and make friends.

A rainbow at LPRC.
For more information about membership, visit the membership section of the LPRC website. We had a waitlist last year, but we have a limited number of spaces available for new members this year, so sign up today!

If you would like to join LPRC or need more information, contact Andrew Wise, membership coordinator, at 703-919-4112 or


  1. Another AMAZING article about a pool that is not in Annandale.

    1. It clearly explains that people need to submit their own articles about their pools to be featured on this site. Although the "Annandale Blog," Ellie writes about the Mason District as a whole. This isn't difficult to understand

  2. Was it a dig at Ellie, or was the intent to point out that we either don't have enough pools in Annandale or the existing ones aren't taking the time to be as welcoming as the others?

    Sheesh. People doth protest too damn much around here.

  3. I do not believe Annandale has city limits. This blog often features issues regarding Seven Corners and Bailey's Crossroads. And to be sure, I believe families at Lincolnia Park send their HS age children to Annandale HS.

    Thanks again, Ellie, for featuring another of the awesome pool communities in the neighborhood!