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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pelicana opens in Annandale

Annandale’s newest restaurant, Pelicana, opened to big crowds May 21. There were so many customers, in fact, they stopped filling takeout orders.

Pelicana, which specializes in fried chicken, is next to The Block at 4219 John Marr Drive. It’s open 5 p.m. to midnight during its “soft opening” period, says manager Peter Kim. Eventually it will be open daily 11-2 a.m. 
Chicken and rice cakes.
Chicken can be ordered crispy, spicy, or both and with several sauce options, such as spicy BBQ, honey garlic, “yellow snowing cheese,” or with the Pelicana Signature sauce with three levels of spiciness (kindergarten, elementary, or high school).

Other items on the menu include wings, “ugly fried chicken burgers,” salads, fries with truffle oil, sweet potato fries, soy-fried dumplings, a few Korean specialties, and more. There’s a full bar, too.   

Pelicana is a Korean-based franchise operation with eight locations in the United States, mostly in New York. This is the first one in Virginia.


  1. Very exciting, I can't wait to try the new KFC ( Korean Fried Chicken :-) Only in Annandale yeehaw.

  2. 티키친구5/23/18, 10:13 AM

    Hands down best Korean chicken in Nova !!!!!

    1. Yeah Annandale, spread the news, we got the best Korean fried chicken in the Metro Area.

  3. 구라안치고 졸라 맛있음

  4. I picked up a to go order last night and took it home.

    We got a 24 piece boneless nuggets crispy. We got half Crispy to see what they were like and half with Yellow Snowing Cheese.

    We also got an order of fries with White Snowing Cheese.

    The Crispy chicken was fantastic and I am not sure how they did it because it did not seem greasy in the slightest but still very crispy.

    The Yellow Snowing Cheese seemed to be almost a Cheetos flavor but very good.

    The White Snowing Cheese fries were fantastic and tasted sweet.

    I will definitely go again.

    One thing, I was expecting more of a fast food vibe but it seems to be more of a lounge vibe. It was very nicely put together and had lots of staff.