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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Vulcan drops plans for asphalt plant

The Virginia Paving asphalt plant in Alexandria.
Vulcan Materials has rescinded its request for an asphalt plant on its property in an industrial zone in Mason District, Supervisor Penny Gross advised nearby residents in an email.

The company is still going forward with a rezoning and zoning special exception application to expand and restructure its concrete plant on its 94-acre property on Industrial Drive in Springfield.

Residents of surrounding neighborhoods had organized a campaign to oppose an asphalt plant, citing pollution, noise, odors, and health issues. Those concerns were raised at a public hearing before the Fairfax County Planning Commission in March.

Members of the Planning Commission and local residents toured another asphalt plant, operated by Virginia Paving Co., in April to see first-hand how that plant deals with environmental issues.

The Planning Commission is scheduled to make a decision on Vulcan’s expansion proposal on June 14. The company wants to consolidate its concrete batching plants and construct a new maintenance building and office buildings. It is also seeking permission to increase the maximum building height on its property from 75 to 135 feet.

County planning and zoning staff will issue an addendum to its staff report on the proposal March 31 or June 1 – in time for the June 14 Planning Commission meeting, says Jay Rodenbeck of the zoning evaluation division. The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to hold a hearing on the proposal on July 10.

Vulcan had never released any details on its proposed asphalt plant. If the company wants to come back at a later date and request permission for an asphalt plant, it will have to file another special exception application, Rodenbeck says.


  1. Question: When is an industrial park not an industrial park? Answer: When it's in Fairfax County. More lost tax revenue. - Sparky

    1. If you read the application, you'll see two things. First, they want to rezone an area zoned for residential use to industrial use. Second, you'll see that there are no concrete plans for the asphalt plant. They are just being lazy and trying to get something rezoned without the plans even being finalized. Would you be ok if your neighbor asked you if they can build something next door to you but don't tell you what they are going to build other than it will be a structure of some kind?

    2. ^Bingo. Thank you, wise one!

  2. The residential area being rezoned is the old run down school. No real residential use. They have owned that land for decades. People need to relax and work with the company and the county to get the best not just throw stones and spread lies and assumptions.
    The asphalt was dropped because of the lack of detail, not the "community pressure."