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Monday, July 30, 2018

Bawadi Grill takes over the Sunflower

The entrance to the Sunflower on Leesburg Pike
The Bawadi Mediterranean Grill is resurfacing at the Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant at 6304 Leesburg Pike in Seven Corners.

Bawadi was forced out of its location at a strip mall on Leesburg Pike in Bailey’s Crossroads after the landlord refused to renew its lease. It closed several weeks ago. 
The main entrance to the Sunflower is on Arlington Boulevard in Seven Corners.
When all efforts of Bawadi owners, Khalid and Sara Mekki, to fight the eviction failed, they searched for a new location and learned that the owner of the Sunflower wanted to sell. The restaurant is already open, but a grand opening event is expected to take place in August.

For the time being they are keeping the Sunflower staff and its vegetarian cuisine and will later add items from Bawadi’s Middle Eastern menu. Nevertheless, there have been complaints from Sunflower’s loyal customers.

To address their concerns, a sign from the “Bawadi and Sunflower teams” posted on the restaurant’s doors states: “Our plan is to merge the two restaurants together and bring you the best of both worlds. Please note that the current vegetarian dishes will stay the same, and we will add more vegan and vegetarian dishes from the Mediterranean.” 

The restaurant name will be changed to Bawadi Mediterranean Grill, and a new sign is expected to be installed in a week or two. The Mekki’s are not planning to make any changes to the building and are figuring out how to install the huge bread oven from their former place.

Khalid says he appreciates Fairfax County government officials’ help in facilitating the relocation and permitting process. 


  1. Looking forward to trying the new menu - and very encouraging that the owners retained the staff from Sunflower.

  2. Great news!

  3. If they're baking bread onsite, I wonder if they will still be able to maintain gluten free items without any cross contamination?

  4. I think it's a grand idea and I truly do wish them my very best; no complaints here whatsoever. We can't wait to visit and sample their new menu! As a patron of Sunflower I am looking really forward to a Middle Eastern flair. Best of luck with the permitting process.

  5. As a devoted patron I am so happy to have Bawadi even closer. The owners are wonderful people and I am happy they have found a a permanent location
    My good wishes to the family
    Sheila Wayman