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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Pedestrian fatally struck while crossing Columbia Pike

Columbia Pike near the Gallows Road intersection.
A pedestrian was fatally struck while attempting to cross Columbia Pike at Gallows Road in Annandale shortly after 5 a.m. on July 10, the Fairfax County Police Department reports. The victim was identified as Ok Soon Kim, age 78, of Annandale.

Kim was walking outside a clearly marked crosswalk, says FCPD spokesperson Sgt. Aaron Pfeiff. The driver was travelling eastbound on Columbia Pike. He stayed at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. Neither speed nor alcohol appear to be factors in the crash.

Since no charges are expected, FCPD is not releasing information about the driver.


  1. This intersection is really dangerous to cross, and needs walk signals ASAP!

  2. The intersection needs to be rethought of completely. The crosswalks are right by a yield sign (Gallows to Columbia Pike). Right turn only on Evergreen to Columbia (mostly ignored and never policed). The other side of the road at the shopping center allows drivers can turn left, right or go straight. Add in cars from the Methodist Church that most people don't realize also enter the intersection when given the green light. I've seen multiple fender benders for West Bound Columbia Pike lining up to turn right onto Gallows ..I'm surprised there haven't been more incidents and deaths.

    Very sorry to hear Mr. Kim lost his life at this intersection.

  3. All of our roadways in Mason are a peril to human activity. Speeding vehicles down residential streets, lack of crosswalks, stop signs, electronic speed alert signs and stoplights. All VDOT cares about is moving traffic through our communities and the hell with pedestrians.

    1. That must be why they’re redoing sleepy hollow and adding bike lanes all over the place

  4. Crosswalks are there for a purpose and a reason. Use them! Teach others to use them!!!

  5. Was this an escapee from the assisted living facility down the road?