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Sunday, July 8, 2018

'Wonder Woman' visits Inova Children's Hospital

Gal Gadot in full Wonder Woman costume cheers patients at Inova Children's Hospital. [jungle emperor via Twitter]
Actress Gal Gadot took a break from filming a sequel to the popular 2017 movie “Wonder Woman” July 6 to visit Inova Children’s Hospital in Annandale. “We are so honored that #WonderWoman stopped by to visit the kids and caregivers,” Inova Children’s Hospital tweeted.

The movie, “Wonder Woman 1984,” is being filmed in various locations in the D.C. region, including Landmark Mall. [An extra in that movie wrote a post for the Annandale Blog.]
Wonder Woman with hospital staff. [Anna Ommen via Twitter]
The visit delighted the physicians, as well as the patients. A tweet from pediatric nephrologist Patty Seo-Mayer states: “Dear @GalGadot – Thank you SO MUCH for visiting my patients and colleagues at #InovaChildrensHospital! Next time, can you align your visit with my call schedule? Love, #SuperFan.”

Lucas Collazo, a pediatric cardiologist, tweeted: “Thank you @GalGadot for visiting us @InovaHealthChildren’s Hospital. You are a true Wonder Woman. The kids loved it … and so did the staff.”

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  1. Wonder Woman was my hero when I was a little girl; since I heard about her visit to Inova, she is again!