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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Car show at The Block draws huge crowd

Hundreds of cars filled the parking lot in front of the Kmart shopping plaza in Annandale Aug. 18 for the Cars & Cream car show hosted by The Block and two of the vendors based there: Munch Ice Cream and SnoCream Company.

Some of the cars were built for speed, others for show, and many had LED lights and customized everything. See more pictures here.

A 1982 Delorean (above) with a flux capacitor just like the time machine in “Back to the Future.” It also has an upgraded engine, more horsepower, lowered suspension, upgraded stereo, new rims, LED lights, remote-controlled dash, and a stainless-steel finish like a refrigerator, says owner Glenn Corcoran of Springfield.

A 2016 rear-wheel drive Subaru BRZ with all new LED lights and a $1,000 sound system. The two-door coupe is lightweight, corners really well, and is fun to drive, says owner Kara Zajac of Falls Church. 

A 2006 Chrysler 300C. Owner Roland Garland of Manassas completely customized it with an all-new air ride suspension, wheels, interior, and paint job. 


  1. It was awesome! Great time, props to Arturo for holding what has to be a huge headache to manage.

  2. Finally immigrants adding a tremendous and visible contributory asset to Annandale. The Block is amazing, we need more businesses like this to inspire new businesses in the area.

    1. For those interested, a bit on Arturo's background. Interesting dude.