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Monday, August 13, 2018

CVS opens in Bailey's Crossroads

The entrance to the new CVS is on Charles Street.
CVS drugstore with a drive-in pharmacy at 3401 Charles St. in Bailey’s Crossroads opened Aug. 12. The other shops in the retail center, under construction by Spectrum Development, appear to be weeks away from opening.

The new CVS is open 24 hours, seven days a week, although the pharmacy closes at 10 p.m. on weeknights and earlier on weekends.

The shelves on the left have medications targeting the Hispanic population. 
At 16,000 square feet, it’s larger than many other CVS stores, so there’s a wider selection of items, says store manager Jeff Papuga.

Back-to-school items and Halloween candy are already in stock. The store also has a selection of “grab and go” prepared foods, including sandwiches and salads, and refrigerated shelves stocked with cold drinks.

School supplies.
“We’re trying to cater to the demographics of the neighborhood,” Papuga says, so there are three sections – hair care, body care, and over-the-counter medications – with products familiar to the Hispanic population.

Once the sidewalk and landscaping along Leesburg Pike are finished, he says, the store might have a grand opening or friends-and-family discount event.

The store’s pharmacy offers vaccinations for flu, meningitis, hepatitis, and other diseases, reports pharmacist Mark Lundblad. And since CVS acquired Aetna earlier this year, people with Aetna health insurance can now get a three-month supply of medications at the store.

The development of the shopping center has caused headaches for neighborhood residents throughout the planning and construction process. A resident has already complained to Spectrum that the “grand opening” signs posted by CVS violate the proffer agreement.

The area along Leesburg Pike.
When Fairfax County approved the project, it prohibited pennants and banners, among other types of signage. Peter Batten of Spectrum agreed to look into the sign violation.


  1. Proffers being broken, color me shocked!

  2. Progress is starting and long overdue
    Much better than vacant lot and closed business.

    1. so pavement is better than trees and wildlife?

    2. What wildlife, vagrants and litter? I agree that trees and wildlife are great, BUT Route 7 is a commercial strip and any new development or re-development is a vast improvement to vacant littered lots, abandoned buildings and unoccupied store fronts.

    3. "Progress" is ANOTHER CVS? I don't think so. vagrants and litter surround the entire area you think that a CVS is going to prevent that? No they just sell more booze and 40's that's going to be littered all over the ground around the store.