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Friday, September 21, 2018

Heartland Home Foods brings dinner to you

Chicken from Heartland.
Tired of stopping at the grocery store to pick food for dinner after a tough day at work? Can’t afford to eat out all the time or subscribe to a meal delivery service?

There’s another alternative: Representatives from Heartland Home Foods will describe their concept – and give out complementary food packages – at the Taste of Annandale. Heartland is a Gold-level sponsor of the street festival on Oct. 13

Heartland Home Foods offers customized farm-to-table packages delivered to your home. Customers have hundreds of items to choose from, including meat produced with no growth hormones, chemicals, or steroids; organic vegetables; desserts; many other types of food; and household supplies.  

There are even some exotic items, like boar, quail, bison, and alligator.

Every customer is assigned a wellness consultant who helps develop a family’s customized menu based on their monthly food budget and what they like to eat. The food is then delivered at no additional cost.

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