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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Bond referendum would fund two Mason District projects

The Mason District Police Station shares a building with the Mason Government Center.
Fairfax County voters will have a chance to vote for a $182 million public safety bond – which will fund two projects in Mason District – on Election Day, Nov. 6.

If passed, the bond would provide $23 million to fund a minor expansion and renovate and upgrade the building systems and infrastructure in the Mason District Police Station at 6507 Columbia Pike.

It would also provide $13 million to renovate, expand, or replace the aging Seven Corners Fire Station at 2949 Sleepy Hollow Road.

That fire station is one four that are at least 37 years old. The bond also includes $16 million to upgrade the Mount Vernon, $16 million for the Fairview fire station, and $13 million for the Gunston fire station.

The public safety bond would provide $15 million to renovate, expand, or replace one of the eight remaining volunteer fire stations that are at least 40 years old.

In addition, the bond includes:
  • $18 million to renovate and upgrade the Criminal Justice Academy.
  • $18 million to renovate, expand, or replace the Police Evidence Storage Building.
  • $45 million to upgrade outdated security systems and replace major building systems in the Adult Detention Center.
  • $5 million for improved lighting, ADA upgrades, wall and ceiling replacements or repairs, and technology upgrades at the Jennings Judicial Center. 


  1. If it dones not include a Penny Social Palace I am with it or a useless park so homeless vagrants can fester and pan handle.

    Public Safety is paramont, so I am for it. If the county would stimulate some commercial growth as the surrounding areas are, we may not have to be getting soaked with bonds that the taxpayers will eventually have to pay off. I find it pathetic that they keep asking for more funding and squandering opportunities to fund more social programs. WE NEED MASS TRANSIT THAT WORKS, MUTLI-USE CONGREGATED AREAS TO REDUCE TRAFFIC, MORE BIKE LANES THAT CONNECT TO ADJACENT NETWORKS THAT TAKE RIDERS TO DC. The older core communities of Fairfax are rotting w negelected homes, boarding houses and general decay like the inside of an old apple. Its time to harvest new fruits.

  2. I am really curious to know if other counties in the state have to take out hundreds of millions in bonds every year to maintain their schools, firehouses, roads and other transportation appurtenances, other various public facilities. Tired of voting yes on these things, but don’t see any other alternative. Our tax dollars just do not stay here in an adequate proportion.