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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Windows Plus supports the community

Windows Plus offers a wide selection of products in its Annandale showroom.
Windows Plus has become major community benefactor since the company returned to its roots in Annandale.

The company is a Silver-level sponsor of the upcoming Taste of Annandale (Oct. 13 on Tom Davis Drive) and a long-time advertiser in the Annandale Blog.

Windows Plus relocated from Chantilly to 4321 Markham Street in August 2017 after purchasing Allied The Window Center.

“It’s a great, central location,” says Kimberly Knight Wayland, senior vice president and counsel. “Our customers get to experience the products upfront and get to know the salespeople.”

The company is doing very well, Knight says, as “the strong economy has led to an uptick in business.”

Windows Plus is conveniently located on Markham Street. 
While Windows Plus does a lot of work on single-family detached homes, the company is increasingly installing windows and doors in condominiums.

In Annandale, the company has long-term contracts with the Ivymount Court and Briarwood Court condos.

In some cases, Windows Plus works with condo managers to develop contracts that unit owners can use when they want to replace their windows. The condo manager or HOA would develop a preferred vendor list with companies that could provide windows that meet the requirements specified in the condo covenants or by the architectural committee.

If an owner contacts Windows Plus, a representative would make a site visit and provide a quote. “When the owner is happy with the work done, word gets around,” Knight says, “and more owners reach out to us.”

In other cases, the condo management company contracts with Windows Plus to replace a large number of windows for individual owners. Bulk orders like this save owners money.

Sometimes builders cut corners by using cheap materials and inexperienced installers, Knight says, and the windows don’t last as long as they should. That happened at Halstead Square in Dunn Loring, which was built in 2012 and already has leaky windows leading to mold.

The company that manages Halstead Square for the HOA, Legum & Norman, had done a lot of projects with Windows Plus, “so they reached out us to provide fiberglass replacement windows,” Knight says. “It’s best to work with a company that has established trust through its ongoing relationships with condo associations.”

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  1. Very nice folks to work with, I recommend them highly.