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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Annandale man arrested for reckless driving

Amaya-Amaya [FCPD]
A 21-year-old Annandale man, Eusebio Amaya-Amaya, was arrested Nov. 2 for speed to elude, child endangerment, driving without a license, and reckless driving following a police pursuit, the Fairfax County Police Department states in its weekend crime report.

The incident happened at about 8:20 p.m. on Commons Drive, Annandale, when a police officer heard a car revving its engine nearby. When the officer went to investigate, he saw the car drive away at a high rate of speed.

After a short pursuit, the driver of the car lost control and crashed. Neither Amaya-Amaya nor his 17-year-old passenger were injured.

Lest you think crime only happens in the Mason Police District,* the FCPD reports these crimes in its weekend recap:
  • A man stole prescription drugs and assaulted an employee at a Walgreens in the Sully Police District.
  • There was a stolen vehicle and burglary in the Mount Vernon Police District.
  • In the McLean Police District, there was a burglary and a sex offence, in which a man gave a victim a ride then pulled over and began touching himself inappropriately. 
  • Crimes in the Reston Police District included indecent exposure, unlawful entry, and abduction/robbery. 
  • There was a burglary (in central Springfield) and guns fired into two occupied dwellings (near Richmond Highway) in the Franconia Police District. 
  • In the West Springfield Police District, four women assaulted an employee and stole items from a store (on Old Keene Mill Road).
  • There was a speed to elude/reckless driving/DWI incident in the Fair Oaks Police District.
*The Mason Police District covers much of the Mason supervisory district but they are not the same. Parts of the West Springfield and Franconia police districts are in Annandale, but none of the crimes listed above in those districts are in Annandale.


  1. The studpidity of the County govt leadership does not end in Mason District. Sharon Bulova, chair and Penny Gross, co-chair are responsible for keeping the citizens of this County safe. Although I aplaud the police for doing an outstanding job, I am certain this is only a small percentage but a good litmus test of how bad it has gotten in this county since we seem to be a sanctuary for lawlessness and illegals.

  2. Hey Ellie, just curious.
    Is there a reason you're only posting about the crime committed by latinos? I just find it odd that you would participate in latin holidays such as Day of the Dead and Cinco de Mayo and then turn your back to them on your blogs. I get that this is your blog but it seems kind of hypocritical to celebrate latino culture while hating on the people within it. As a latino, I'm exhausted with the hate towards my people, I'm tired of feeling like I dont belong because of the color of my skin. My people have been demonized and I'm at a point where I don't even feel comfortable at work because I'm that "mexican guy" (salvadorean btw). To condemn an entire culture because of the actions of some...well I dont really know how to put it. You seem like a pretty cultured individual so I dont think my comment will change your perspective, at this point you're probably set in your ways. I've already voted today over in Prince William, I'll continue to serve my country as I have for the past 8 years but I won't lie, its getting harder and harder to be around people like you.

    1. I definitely do not only post stories about crimes committed by Latinos. I have been until recently only reporting news about crimes in the Annandale/Mason District area, which unfortunately has led some readers to conclude that there is a disproportionate amount of crime in this area. As a result, the above post cites crimes from other areas.

      I am revolted by the anti-immigrant, nativist rhetoric from the White House and I'm sorry you are personally affected. Feel free to contact me and suggest positive story ideas.

    2. Anon must be new here, Ellie is definitely not what you say. She just reports crime in the area, regardless of race. I think you need to find a different outlet for your indignation.

    3. Agree completely. I have found this blog to always be fair. I'm Latino too by the way.

  3. Dear Anon who is concerned about reports on Latino Crime, you make a good point. I propose a 3-step plan to reverse this trend. Step 1: Latinos reduce their crime rate. Step 2... Oh! Actually, no need for further steps.

    1. Sadly there is probably a higher incident rate amongst latinos for committing crimes. Unfortunately the latino community falls victim to many of the circumstances that promotes this kind of behavior: poverty, poor education, poor housing, having too many children they can't afford, etc. Like most new comers to this country, assimilation generally better prepares these newcomers for a more expedient rise out of their situation. Hopefully someday our government will have an immigration policy that would better control the influx of immigrants and be able to help with that assimilation. Until that happens we will probably see more of the same until the aliens from outer space decide to emigrate and annihilate the entire human race. Then this problem will cease to exist.